Monday, December 14, 2009

Seth Godin: Brilliant Blogger... Good Person?

Seth Godin. I find it fascinating that a celebrated author, who writes masterpieces of business books such as Meatball Sundae, would run such an awesome Blog. It is even more incredible that he would then write (and compile) a book and publish it FOR FREE... "What Matters Now" view it here or download it free here. Even more incredibly, his intentions are NOT completely self-serving, as so many authors are... the very first page is GENEROSITY: "When the economy tanks, it's natural to think of yourself first... Instead, we're rewarded for being generous." I have found this to be SO completely true... for me, it really is the path to my current successes, and is in fact the backbone of what my new company is all about: Karmaback!

In the digital world, as Seth puts it, there is no reason NOT to give. Giving means clicking a sponsored link, blogging a product or cause you love, or twittering or facebooking the links you care about. Karmaback helps give incentive to the peopel who spread your love. Getting some Karma back, for your troubles and your time, is the least we can do!

So go, be Generous. Read the free book. Register at and get some of that Karma back! Thanks Seth!

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