Saturday, October 25, 2014

7-Step Results-based Marketing for Startups Harlan's 2014 Captivate Conference Slides

I hope you enjoyed my talk this year at the Captivate Conference on Marketing for Start-ups (and specifically game startups).

Here are my slides from the talk, and as always feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn (see sidebar) or Twitter ( @harlanbeverly ).

Comments, email, and feedback welcome.

Slides Follow:

7-Step Results-based Marketing for Startups by Harlan T Beverly from Harlan Beverly

All of marketing should be about results! When you are a startup this is even more important, because you have no money to waste on "brand"... you certainly don't have the time to waste. Harlan T. Beverly, 3-time Start-up Founder & CEO, will present a 7-Step process to create an effective Results-based "marketing engine" that will drive results for your startup. Harlan will give specific examples from marketing campaigns he has created from: Bigfoot Networks, Harlan's video game hardware company, Night Owl Games, where Harlan developed marketing that attracted more than 1,000,000 players, INGZ games, where Harlan created marketing campaigns to drive users to install mobile games, and Key Ingredient, where Harlan is currently CEO and drives 3,000,000+ visitors/month to

Friday, October 3, 2014

How to do Facebook Marketing - a Primer for Engineers

Dear Engineers and Other People who Think Logically,

Here is how to "do" Facebook Marketing.  It's pretty simple, and it also explains the fundamentals of Marketing.

The analogy I use in the presentation is that of a Fair or Carnival...  it's a good analogy, use it forever to explain marketing.  Imagine yourself selling a product or service (cotton candy or a carnival game) on the streets of a Fair!  How can you be successful?

See the presentation to learn:  How to DO Marketing on Facebook.  How to use Facebook Insights (e.g. Facebook Analytics).


Saturday, September 13, 2014

5 Painful Lessons from Value Driven Leadership

What is value-driven leadership? Simply put, it's leading by creating a common set of values and goals that everyone agrees to and aspires to uphold, then doing your best to get out of the way! It can be very painful, however, because having a strong culture with clear values, means living up to them. Here are 5 Painful lessons I have learned while trying my very best to do value driven leadership as CEO.... In reverse order to the #1 most painful lesson.

 5. The values you create can make you feel trapped because you yourself have to live up to them. The lesson is don't create values of your company that you can't live up to!

 4. Getting out of the way is hard to do. It's especially hard when you know how to do the job better and faster than the person who's job it is to do it. That's really hard... The lesson is, you have to be able to let someone fail, and let them come to you for help. As soon as you break the rule and do the job for them, without them asking for help, you've broken the value-driven leadership.

 3. Recruiting is harder. Finding people is just plain hard because you know they have to both match the values of the company AND be able to do the job. Creating a good set of screening questions is key.

 2. It hurts when you have to let someone go. They probably do live up to many aspects of your culture and you've grown to like them... but either they can't do the job, or more likely, there has been some value mismatch you didn't catch on #3 above. The lesson is, do it quickly, before you become too attached (if you can)... and if not, do it as soon as you are sure there is a core value mismatch.

Finally... #1

1. It hurts really bad when people decide to quit. Especially when they were a perfect match for value and role... or then again, maybe they weren't a perfect match after all. Either way, the trick here is to move on quickly, but stay in touch... you never know, Austin is a small town!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to Do Sales & Marketing for Startups

Today I got to present to The University of Texas Austin Technology Incubator SEAL program. This is my favorite presentation to give: Sales & Marketing for Startups.  It was a lot of fun as always, and my favorite part was yelling at one of the attendees that he should NOT buy my Nissan Minivan!

Why would I do that?  Because (in my fictional example) he has 4 teenagers and I am NOT a slimy car-salesman... this minivan (fictional) will NOT fit his teenagers!  He should go to Toyota instead.

Remember, true sales-people are NEVER slimy.  They always want to sell ONLY if the sale will create value...  e.g. that the price is lower than the value that the product/service delivers AND that it solves the problem you are trying to solve.

So buy Toyota....

Anyways, here are the slides from my talk... I greatly enjoyed it and love almost any opportunity to talk about Sales & Marketing for startups (or non-startups).

Feel free to contact me @harlanbeverly