Monday, June 25, 2012

Proving a Marketing/Sales Model.

How do you prove anything?  Very,very difficult from an engineering perspective.  Instead, how about "verifying a hypothesis".  In other words... create an H0 hypothesis about your sales & marketing strategy... then; test that hypothesis, and most importantly measure the results closely.

If you can say that your hypothesis works, then do the hard part: try to scale it up!  (wow, that can be tough).

So many companies think: well I'll get X customers, and then I'll be at a critical mass and then my model will be Y.  The problems... how do you get to X customers?  How do you know what will happen when you get there?

Instead, I focus on getting to x customers (note the smaller x), and prove that the model works at x.. (e.g. the business is profitable at x).  Then, I slowly scale up towards X.  If Y happens, great... but my X is still my x and that's good enough for a profitable business.

Go x yourself.

Friday, June 1, 2012

New LOWER Pricing for Karmaback!

Great News for you Social Network Marketing Gurus....

You have a new tool at your disposal... Karmaback!

Karamback is now Free to try for 30-days... and is "all-inclusive!", including fully custom apps!
It's just $49.99/month after that!

Yep, that includes ALL our tools:

  • which lets you schedule social posts to Twitter and Facebook, and "photo upload posts" to Facebook... for ANY time you want, with fast and deep analytics!  Yep, includes your own branded app!
  • which lets you build a FULLY custom Sweepstakes to run in your Facebook or Twitter, Including your own custom app.
  • Fanpage Tab Builder, which lets you build full HTML Fanpage tabs, with just a few clicks!
  • Referral Contest Builder.
  • Track-able Links
  • Viral Coupons (Social Coupons with any twist you prefer: like-gated, claim-gated, share-gated, etc.).
  • ALL INCLUDED, free to try, 30-days, and just $49.99/month after that.

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