Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free Stuff vs. Prizes.

This post is more of a question than a deep thought. What % of people, do you think, are motivated by free stuff (like swag)? What % of people, do you think, are motivated by chances to win "bigger" prizes? Which is better, swag or prizes?

This and many other questions, I hope to answer with my new company: Karmaback.

One of the most exciting things that we do at Karmaback is measure EVERYTHING. The statistics of motivation have intrigued me for years... ever since we handed out massive K heatsinks (the Killer Bling) at Blizzcon in 2007. I recently wrote a magazine article about this experience... basically, giving away the big K heatsinks on chains as necklaces WORKED extremely well.

So, what do you think will work? Swag or 'bigger prizes'... and what % of people will be hooked?

Stay tuned to Karmaback and find out.

By the way, some great prizes can be had right now on Karmaback:

Good luck!

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