Monday, January 7, 2013

My Quest for a PhD. Why & How.

I love to learn.  I love to read new thing, and practice new things, and be 'in the know'.  But the one thing I like to do more than learn is... teach.  What better way to teach, then to get a PhD from an AACSB accredited program: and become a professor?

In addition, I am a gamer.  What does that mean?  It means I HAVE to have a new challenge, not just daily, but hourly.  And big goals with big rewards, and big dragons = mega-appealing.  Is there a bigger modern day dragon then a PhD Dissertation Committee?  (maybe, if so, I'll slay that next!).

So, My Quest for a PhD officially begins this week; and I hope to write about the journey regularly here.
So, where to begin?  This week I attend my first PhD classes.  Honestly though, a lot has happened before this week.... 

  1. I scheduled a GMAT test & took it.  (my score for my MBA was more than 5 years old)
  2. I contacted The University of Texas and researched many of their PhD programs in Marketing and Business. (including calls with teachers and current students).
    1. I rule this option out because I can't "go without salary" or "not consult until I've finished".
  3. I did lots of google searching on PhD Programs and learned that AACSB accreditation is VITAL to actually becoming a professor.
  4. I contacted several friends in PhD programs, including David Altounian, who introduced me to the three (and only three) programs that have an "Executive PhD" that is AACSB accredited.
  5. I called/researched the three programs.
  6. I went to an information seminar at Oklahoma State University.
  7. I was BLOWN away by the people, instructors, students, and program they have going on there.
  8. I applied, got references, wrote my entry essay... and then...
  9. I had to write a 14-page research proposal... just to be considered for admission. (REALLY)
    1. I like this: it separates hard workers & people who really want it from everyone else!
  10. I was accepted!!!!
  11. I decided, and NOW... this week... I begin my first week of classes.
So, for the next 3+ years, I'll be pursuing my PhD in Business Research (where I hope to specialize in Marketing).

This means 1 virtual class every Saturday + 3 days in Tulsa Oklahoma at Oklahoma State University.  (yes, I'll be flying to Oklahoma as often as once per month!).

Special thanks to my bosses and managers at Creeris/Night Owl Games for agreeing to let me do this.

Now... off to class!!!!

Wish me luck on my PhD adventure.  I'll keep you updated in return.

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