Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My 2013 Marketing Resolutions

What is a Marketing Resolution?  I don't know; I just made it up...  You tell me?  What are your Marketing Resolutions?

Here are mine:

  1. I will not say I'm in marketing any longer.  In reality, what the world calls marketing is advertising; and that's barely a fraction of what I do.
  2. I will instead say I'm into Product Entrepreneurship -> A phrase I just made up.  Why?  Because I love to SHIP stuff... I love to help dream up a product, dream up how to position it, dream up features, dream up a launch/PR plan, and implement the research, implement the product, implement the features, implement the PR plan, and implement the Business Development, and implement, yes, the advertising.  That's a full product lifecycle: time to face reality, I'm not a "Marketing Specialist" (e.g. not an Advertising Executive).   I'm an Product Entrepreneur.
  3. I will NOT fight over words again.  In 2012, my biggest headaches were about words.  I fought for one word over another word; thinking it was important.  In reality words are not nearly as important as data and product.
  4. I WILL use surveys more.  Especially when words are involved; I will look first to surveys to try to figure out which words are the most appealing.
  5. I WILL make more presentations.  People think they hate PowerPoint  but it does move them.  I plan to have PowerPoint ready with my salient data for as many future meetings as possible.
  6. I WILL use the phone more, and email less.

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