Thursday, January 17, 2013

Big Marketing Problems

When you think of businesses (startups in particular) what do you think are the big marketing problems?  I have a short list here, but I'd love to hear from you:

Tier 1 problems.  (Stuff Companies Really Need)
1. Getting the first customer of a company!
2. Getting the first customer of a new product.
3. Getting valid customer prospects.
4. Getting X customers.
5. Building a process that gets X customers per month at Y cost.
6. SCALE up the customer acquisition process.
7. Generate Repeat Customers
8. Re-acquire lost Customers

Tier 2 problems.  (Stuff that help Tier 1 Problems):
1. Improve Ads
2. Improve Website
3. Improve Positioning
4. Improve Product
5. Improve Targeting

Tier 3 problems. (Stuff that managers ask Marketers to "do".... sometimes with no goal in mind):
1. Make a new logo
2. Research the Market
3. Build a new Ad Campaign

What problems do you think Startups Face RE: Marketing?

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