Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Small Business is Turning to Social Network Marketing

This recent article from got me to wondering why would small business be turning to social network marketing?  The answer is obvious if you stop to think about it: its the only kind of marketing that has ever "really" worked for small business, since the invention of "barter" some 15,000+ years ago.  After all, if your neighbors know that you're the guy who makes the best chairs, they'll barter with you when they need one.

Consider: what is social network marketing supposed to do?
  1. Build a community of folks who like you. (Fan you, follow you, or whatever).
  2. Develop a place where people who like you, can engage with you.  (a virtual storefront, that is interactive with the store owners).
  3. Attract and inform new people that you make the best X.  (x=chairs, or whatever).  Encourage your community to say you make the best X.
So, is this any different than what small business do in a community?
  1. A small business historically belonged to its community by physical location.
  2. Small business have almost always been more interactive... usually you get to speak with the owner directly.
  3. Real life communities have always been social networks... spreading the news and letting people know that you make the best X, and especially letting OTHER people say you make the best X has always been the best form of marketing: Word of Mouth.

In this kind of climate, Small business has an opportunity to WIN BIG.

They do have to make the best X though!  (or at least convince some folks you do)

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