Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What New Facebook & Twitter Rules mean to Business.

"There is no spoon" - The Matrix

Recently, several enforced rules by Facebook and new rules from Twitter are causing Heart-ache and pain for Social Network Marketing companies and customers alike.  Facebook recently banned a company from "paying" people to refer fans & customers to companies using Facebook.  Twitter announced new rules to prohibit "paid" advertising in peoples twitter feeds.   What does this mean to marketing companies and service providers like Karmaback and Tweetup?  What does this mean to the millions of companies, just trying to get their word out?  My answers below:

Companies that "use" Twitter and Facebook:

For companies that use Twitter and Facebook, this should be a wake-up call.  You have to stop thinking of Twitter and Facebook as "advertising", and start thinking it as a "company public forum".  This means making a place on Facebook and Twitter that is rewarding and engaging for users.
Here are 5 ways to make Facebook & Twitter more rewarding & engaging:

  1. Consider a sweepstakes/giveaway!  -  This reward people for following you and is fun as well!
  2. Provide content that creates discussion between members.  - Posts that ask questions, invite discussion, and generally are not 'just advertisements'.
  3. Use the feedback you get, and let people know you used it.
  4. Share relevant stuff in your industry that people might not know about (and how it will effect them).
  5. Reward positive comments and feedback with Karma points!

Something else to consider:

Twitter and Facebook want to MAKE MONEY off of you.  Period.  They also don't want OTHER companies to make any money off of you (if it is something they could get from you instead).  So, remember this when thinking about the rules & regulations of Twitter & Facebook.

Marketing Service Providers:

First, remember that Twitter & Facebook DO NOT want you to compete with them.  If you do (such as providing advertising services/etc.), then you are likely to get into trouble.

Second, do stuff that Facebook & Twitter don't do.. to ENHANCE the experience (not copy it).

Finally, be transparent.  Karmaback is crystal clear (or we try to be)... we provide Sweepstakes services (something Facebook doesn't do)... and a simple Karma points reward system (again something that Facebook doesn't do).  Stay transparent, and stay competitive.


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