Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Abundance Principle

Abundance is the principle that there is enough of everything for everyone.  Some people have this principle, most do not.  It is rare to find people who hold this principle dear, but when you do, hold on to them.  My friend Chris recently reminded me of this principle when he said: "hey I just want you guys to be successful".  What an inspirational sentence.  He's not overblown by his own success.  He's not grasping at a "piece" of a pie.  He wants the pie to grow.  He wants to share the pie... He believes there is plenty of pie for everyone.

My idol, Benjamin Franklin said: "HUMILITY. Imitate Jesus and Socrates."  What is more Jesus-like than sharing 2 fish and 5 loaves?   You can't do that without belief.  Believing there is enough for everyone.  That's principle my friends... and I'd do just about anything for my friend Chris as a result.

Here's a quiz to see how much belief in abundance you have... it does take humility, and we are sorely lacking it in this generation of cynicism and narcissism.
  1. If you have unexpected visitors to your home, would you feed them anything you have in your cupboard?  +1
  2. If you have a bag of apples and you see a beggar on the street, will you try give him one? (side-note, they probably won't accept it) +1
  3. If you have a tasty treat (your favorite), do you always offer to share it? +1
  4. At work, do you share credit for everything good that happens (even when you did most of the work)? +2
  5. At work, do you think of competition as "the enemy"? -2
  6. At work, are you happy when the competition comes out with a "hit"? +2
  7. At work, do you feel good when your peers get promoted or rewarded? +2
  8. Do you believe there is NOT enough food in the world to feed everyone? -5
Think about it...  if you scored less than 7, you may need to get over yourself.

Enjoy Apple's rise to power.

Enjoy the dominance of Mac.

Radiate in the success of others.

There IS enough food for the world... if only we'd get over ourselves and stop hoarding.


  1. Very simple concept but hard to put in practice. Will keep trying.

  2. have faith my friend. The returns for this kind of belief system are immense. You are almost always happy, since it seems someone is usually succeeding, even if you are having a bad day (or year!).


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