Monday, January 4, 2010

Headed to CES 2010 in Las Vegas!!!

As I write this I am making final preparations to attend CES 2010 Jan 6-10! If I've not already scheduled a meeting with you, shoot me an email: I have lots to talk about including Karmaback (my new social networking rewards company), Psyko Audio Labs (whom I'm helping to build a solid sales channel and many parterships), and Axelo (whom I'm also helping with their sales channel development).

Here is the top 8 things I love about CES in Las Vegas:
0.) It is in Las Vegas (need I say more?)
1.) Everyone who is anyone is there (at least for 1 day).
2.) Gear, gadgets, and stuff you only dream about.
3.) The Keynotes, are usually spectacular and spectacularly well done!
4.) It overlaps another major convention (not saying which!)
5.) The PARTIES!!! GO TigerDirect build a PC charity party!
6.) The Business! This is usually my most productive week of business. Lots of hard work and planning pay off for a chance to meet F2F!
7.) The Friends! I love catching up with old friends and making new ones.

If you are wondering where is #8, you are probably not an engineer-type. :)

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