Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why I started a new business.

I started a new company called Karmaback. It is still mostly 'stealth', although we are just about ready to launch. I will of course write more about the company in the future, but today I just wanted to explain why I started a new company. It starts with this: many people think I prefer to be a technologist over a businessman. If you read this blog, you probably know that is bunk. I switched over to business ever since I made my first $1 Million in revenue as CEO of my last company. So, why did such a hard-core engineer turn truly into a businessman? Why did I decide to start on this adventure AGAIN?

1. I love to teach. This sounds crazy, but leading a company for me means getting to teach my employees, my partners, my customers, the press, and you. It's a true passion.
2. I believe in company culture. I don't necessarily think I have the best culture of all time: but I know I have a good one for me. More than that, I enjoy the challenge of building a team to fit the culture and growing the culture for the better over time. A healthy company really is like a child growing up.
3. I genuinely want to help others succeed. This probably ties in to teaching, but I really enjoy seeing others win. I like my customers to win. I like my employees to win. Heck, I even like helping other peoples unrelated businesses to win.
4. I want to make a mark. I'm not fame-hungry, but I do want to make a difference in this world. I believe that having a successful company living and growing, creating jobs, and contributing to community... will make a mark in my small part.
5. I enjoy the tremendous challenge. Without doubt, I get bored easily. I'm not the best engineer in the world, but I can logic my way out of almost any box. Figuring out a pricing strategy now, that is true challenge! (click the link if you can help!)

Stay tuned for more on Karmaback.

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  1. Note Karmaback website is not really live. It is being built as we speak, I'll update everyone once it is live.


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