Monday, November 16, 2009

Hating the customer.

If you decide to get into 'business' at all, you will have customers. The customer may be fortune 500 companies or 13 year-old kids, but you are going to be selling to someone. And you will hate them. You won't admit it, but you will feel it. Why? Because they will not behave how you want them to! They won't say the right things (FLAMES), or buy enough, or care about you. They take too long, play mind games, and pay too little. So how do I cope?

A few tips that have helped me learn to hate my customers less.
1.) accept that you cannot control others.
2.) try to learn what they 'do do' consistently.
3.) have a dialogue. JUST TALK TO THEM... normally. Don't always be selling, sometimes you just need to learn more about them.
4.) remember you exist to help them... but you can't help the un-willing.
5.) GOLDEN RULE: do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. TREAT YOUR SUPPLIERS BETTER! Really. Just consider how you treat your own suppliers, and good karma will start to flow.

For more on Karma see: :)
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  1. Sorry for the funky spelling of hating. Fixed it now!

    by the way, I AM past my hate of customers... hard lesson I learned while at Bigfoot Networks.

    now, I just try to help: and don't bother trying to help the unwilling.


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