Thursday, August 30, 2012

Colors and Styles

One of the big challenges of marketing is dealing with different people's opinions about color and style.  "I like it blue."  "No, I want it rounder."  "That Font is too hard to read."   All of this is, of course, opinion.  So, how do you choose?  How do you deal with this conflict the best possible way?

In my experience, the best outcomes happen when the marketer takes feedback from everyone, listens closely for "real problems".  Then, chooses 1 person to give complete control of the color/style/design.  That person should come from a design background/school.  If there is noone on your team that has that background (such as Art School), then trust the instincts of your art contractors (or hire one!).

You cannot accept the opinions of untrained people over that of seasoned professionals whose job it is to make stuff look good!

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  1. by the way, i am NOT a trained professional in Design. I'm a marketer, not a doctor!


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