Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Working in Spurts improves Productivity

A Spurt, a Wave, a Session... whatever you call it: working in spurts can be more productive than trying to work a full day non-stop.  This is especially true when you can design your spurt session for a specific objective/milestone.  Not a "full project" but one piece that you are going to get done in this spurt.  The amazing feeling of accomplishment you get when you complete your "SpurtSprint" motivate you to take a short break, and then execute on another SpurtSprint.

So, don't "grind away your day", barely working.

Work in "SpurtSprints" and take 10-15min breaks in between.

Not only will you feel better (from the breaks and the sense of accomplishment), but you will almost CERTAINLY be getting more done than facebooking.

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