Monday, January 10, 2011

The iPad and Kindle are the top prizes of 2010

Karmaback runs sweepstakes and contests for companies that want more fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook.  We've run hundreds of contests in 2010, and to our shock and awe the top prizes by a landslide were the iPad and the Kindle.  These $150-$500 prizes were about 150% more effective at "earning" fans and followers than prizes less than $150.  In fact, the iPad and Kindle, specifically, were 120% better at earning fans and followers than prizes above $500 (even prizes such as Football Tickets and $2,500 vacation packages).  If you are considering running a Sweepstakes or Contest, there are a few key things to consider when choosing a prize:

  1. Ideally pick a prize that is relevant to your business or customer.  Picking a relevant prize is the MAIN way you will attract the "right" new fans and followers.
  2. Choose a prize between $150-$500 in value.
  3. Consider an iPad or Kindle (perhaps preloaded with your marketing material or application)...
So, why were the iPad and Kindle so successful?  I believe the reason is that people: 1.) don't already have one.  2.) do want one. and 3.) aren't yet ready to "actually" buy one.

Now, go, Get Some!

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  1. My theories on iPad are:

    1. Closed environment allows better quality control. (jack of all trades = master of none, see WinMo 6.5 and earlier)
    2. Herd mentality. Your neighbor has an iPad, you want one too.
    3. Charisma, salesmanship aka Steve Jobs


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