Sunday, March 2, 2014

50 Must Do Things in Austin Texas

Got this list from a.) My Own Texas Sized Experiences b.) Mix 94.7 Facebook Page.  c.) 365 Things to do in Austin

1. Go to A Rodeo.
2. Go on a Guided Hunt in Laredo
3. Go to ACL Festival
4. Go to a Country Line Dance
5. Go to a Concert at Stubbs & the Backyard
6. Go swimming in Galveston
7. Eat Tex-Mex in San Antonio
8. Eat lots of BBQ, especially Meijers or Southside in Elgin, TX  (and many others throughout the state)
9. Go to a Country Bar with a Bull.. and ride the Bull.
10. Go to a Folk Festival
11. Go to a Renaissance Festival

..............................................and the remainder of the list from lots of other folks:

What is the one thing you have to do in the state of Texas? 
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