Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reaching Higher, Dreaming Bigger, and otherwise being Optimistic

Many people often ask me what is the key to success?  I think there are probably many keys, different for different people... but I do have some initial thoughts to set you on the right path.  Dream Big.

Dreaming Big means having a goal in mind.  Setting an goal, where you can say.. if I get there, I'll have 'achieved success'.   Is it a college degree?  A certain salary?  A certain lifestyle?  Whatever it is do not be afraid to first dream big about it!  And reach higher than what you think is possible.

Be optimistic that you could someday achieve it!

Finally, the true key to success that is probably universal for all people is to "be happy with what you have now"...  Human psychology tends to want to keep striving for that next bigger thing... nothing wrong with that.  But what is success anyways?

To be successful, truly, is very simple... be Satisfied with where you are NOW and what you have NOW!   Then, set a big goal ahead and move towards it, just for fun... not to feel that you have to reach it to be successful!  (you already are!)

Be successful with what you are satisfied with now.. then when you achieve more, bigger goals, more salary, whatever... you're BETTER than what you think of as successful....

YOU ARE UBER-SUCCESSFUL!     Then build on that!

So, to say I'm successful is SO untrue!  I was successful when I had my dream-job as a Lifeguard at Schoonover's Pool in Lima, Ohio.  

I'm UBER-UBER-UBER...-UBER-UBER-SUCCESSFUL now!  I was successful at 15....  I've just dreamed bigger and bigger along the way.

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