Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why it's nice to know a CEO...

I am a CEO.  I hire people... a lot of people... at all levels.  I am desperately trying to find people to fill my 4 open positions (as of 8/15/13)... .   And I know a lot of people.  So why is it nice to know me???
The answer is simple.  The same reason it is nice to know any CEO:

  1. Because if you know one, and they know you, you've got a leg up on ANY job role they are trying to fill.
  2. If they know you well enough, the CEO might even reach out to you pro-actively!
  3. Because a CEO of a company today, will very likely be a CEO of a different company tomorrow... e.g. they will likely be in future hiring positions as well.
  4. If you know them, you know what they are like to work with, and the kind of culture they build at companies.
  5. Because there are plenty of Business Development opportunities that come up all the time with the CEO.
  6. Because we are cool (see the picture from my most recent family hiking picture above!)
So, come on people, get to know a CEO!  They just might be able to actually help you with your career some day!  * I'd be glad to help any of my friends or acquaintances as best I can, for example.

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