Monday, February 18, 2013

Marketing to Adult Males...

Most of my marketing management career has been spent targeting Adult Males ages 18 to 50.  I've got a quick rundown here of what I've done that has worked, and what has not worked.  If these tips help (or if you disagree/agree), I'd love to hear from you.  Reply Below or directly in twitter @hbomber or Facebook.

What Does NOT work:

  1.  Boobs/Sex.   Unless you are selling one or the other of these, my experience is that it does not (by itself) work to sell your product.  There is a way to use sex appeal in your advertising, but it has to be somewhat subtle & connected.
  2. Alcohol.  Similar to Boobs/Sex, it does not work unless it's exactly what you are selling.
  3. Sports.  Similar to Alcohol, unless sports is the target, this does not work.
  4. Lots of Words.  The more words, the less effective.
  5. Branded Feature Words.  Branding your features is not a good strategy for this market. (or any market really).
  6. Over-stated claims.  This just does not work; see right through it.
What HAS worked:
  1. Honesty/Directness.  Being honest about what you have/don't have works.  People want to be informed, as fast as possible.
  2. Clever Wordings.  Being clever can get attention with this group.
  3. Good and Real photos/drawings of your products... if it involves women or boobs in some non-obvious way.. that's fine.  You get the idea... subtle.
  4. Benefits & Features.  Being clear about what benefits and features of your product (in a brief way) works.
  5. Value.  Explaining the value/savings/math behind your products works.
  6. Passion.  Show the passion you/your team has for your products in whatever way makes sense... (yes, cool videos of you loving your products/using them works).

What works/doesn't work for you?

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