Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make Sticky Products & Sticky Marketing

I'm fascinated by Marketing.  It's super hard.  That's why I love it.

Please, make my job easier... make products that stick!

This book is a good place to start:

Now, this is a marketing book, but it contains ideas that product people should know...   Since you product folks may not read it... here's an interpretation for you:

1. Products need to solve a problem people have, a need, or a desire for something not previously possible.
2. A clear vision is established that inspires the development team to reach for it!
3. It needs to deliver on any promises implied. (no buyers remorse)
4. Ideally it is "worthy" of people talking about it after they bought it.

Then, work with your favorite marketer to make sure:

1. Everyone really understands what the product is.
2. Stories are developed around the product that inspire people to buy it.
3. Credibility is built in to the product.

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