Thursday, April 8, 2010

Measuring Success... of Social Network Marketing.

It is a slippery slope to define success in relation to others.  The problem there is, there are always 'others' more successful.  The better way is to measure ones success vs. ones STATED goals.  This is true in business as in life.

Companies struggle to measure "Social Marketing" success, because they have no clear goal.  Most Marketers are happy to just get increased web traffic.  This stems from the assumption that revenue can't be tied to social marketing.  My new company, Karmaback, can definitely fill the gap in measurement AND deliver revenue directly tied to social marketing.  This feature, however, is irrelevant... because marketers don't have this as a goal (yet).  

Instead, we at Karmaback have decided to focus (for now) on the goals that marketers do set: more fan growth (Facebook & Twitter), and more site traffic.  We'll keep preaching that revenue should be the goal, but until our customers realize it is possible, we'll deliver results they "think" they want.


  1. I think some of the companies will finally realize half these people out here entering contests don't really care about the companies they are entering contests for..

    Don't know if its just the addictive personalities entering contest like a gambling bug or what.. Myself I only enter contests for companies or product I really like, but alot of folks are just "in it to win it" if you know what I mean! It would be really interesting to see if these people are driving any kind of revenue for the companies..

    Karmaback has such great uses and from what I've seen can be the solution all these companies really need if they learn how to leverage it right.

    Kudos brother on a great idea and tool!

  2. Thanks!

    I hope I didn't come off too jaded...

    There IS real value in Fans and Clicks. But, the tough part is turning that value into revenue!

    Nevertheless, I agree with you, we have many members who just 'collect' points for fun.

    We prefer folks like you though... enter contests for companies or products you really like!


  3. pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!! ........................................

  4. People fail to achieve success in b2b Social Marketing. Great to have idea of aiming to goal for most successful growth of each business. Excellent blog!


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