Monday, September 21, 2009

New look/feel of Tytus-Blog.

After analyzing Google Analytics, and feedback from people who read my Blog, I've discovered that an apparent bias I have towards "Engineers" as better than normal folk comes through a bit too loudly. In fact, it's not "entirely" untrue, as it relates to how many normal folk view problems. Reality is though, that I truly do value diversity. Diversity of thought, diversity of opinion, and especially diversity of viewpoint.

With that in mind, I've renamed the blog "Tytus' Business for Engineer-type Brains.", with the hope that it help not just engineers, and people who think like engineers, but also all the diversity of other personality types out there who would simply like to know "how engineer-type brains" think.

With the new theme, and the new "black" (easier to read) look, I hope that EVERY ONE OF YOU will subscribe to this feed over RSS or via Blogspot follow, or similar.


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