Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why I made this blog...

As an engineer I tend to really try to reduce the world into problems and solutions. When I began my business career at U.T. Austin Evening MBA program, I really hoped to learn the science of business. What I learned was that business is far from a science, more like an art. This disturbed me, since I was really, truly, hoping to learn the "formulas" for business. I hoped to learn how to "talk to people", how to "manage people", how to "get people to buy my stuff"... As anyone who has gotten an MBA, there are no such tricks. It's charisma, you got it or you don't... or so I thought.

This blog is dedicated to those engineers who really do think there might be some "science" to business. It is also a place where I put my experiences working on my own businesses and helping others with their entrepreneurial ventures.

I will tell you this, there are a NUMBER of tricks and "formulas" I've picked up (not really part of MBA schooling) that have and continue to help me in my businesses. I am also always hungry for more learning and knowledge on this subject. Some of the Blogs I read (see left side) are great sources for such information as well (heck I read them every day).

But stay tuned, and learn why: Engineers would make the best Businessmen.

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